Opening our Doors After the Pandemic

By Tessa Wallington

The circus community felt the effects of COVID19 just as many other industries did. As the world continues to move closer to beating COVID19, and restaurants and shops begin to open up to full capacity, circus schools have begun following suit. The tricky part about schools opening again, is that currently, each state is at a different part of the fight against COVID19.

Each school must follow different guidelines, and since we’ve never seen such a large issue be so different on a state by state basis, there’s not one concrete answer to reopening. Opening up for one circus community may look completely different from another.  Schools like Trapeze Las Vegas in Nevada (TLV) started with minimal socially distanced classes with mask wearing and increased sanitation and as State guidelines have switched so have TLV’s, the school is now able to offer classes to more people. Although Trapeze Las Vegas was lucky enough to never fully close their doors, and were able to switch class setup every step of the way, the safe opening up of the city has drastically changed the way TLV runs and operates on a day by day basis.

The pandemic has also given schools a reason to remember important sanitation. There doesn’t have to be a global pandemic for students and coaches to remember to wipe down their equipment after use. There may be some positives as we trek this uncharted territory together, and  luckily as we see light at the end of the tunnel, we will be seeing more lights on stages soon. 

The Aerial Angels of Trapeze Las Vegas performing in some of their first gigs since the pandemic safe, and masked up. 

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