The Importance of Being Humble

By Julaine Hall

In this very small circus community, it is easy to meet people and reconnect several times after. Whether it be on purpose, or accident, you will probably wind up seeing that friend you made at the festival, or that student you had for a workshop, or that guest coach that came to your school several times after you first met. Everything in this community is tightly knit and interconnected which makes it all the more important to make a good impression and be humble to everyone you meet.

Before we begin, the definition of humble according to the Oxford dictionary is “having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s own importance,” which I know sounds kind of sad, but it is always better to underestimate your importance than to gloat and come off as rude or entitled. I have been coached by a lot of different people with a lot of different personalities and backgrounds. Every coach who I have been coached under, who has earned their students’ respect, has always been humble and kind, no matter their level. Their response to compliments are always down to earth, kind, and sometimes funny! Being humble is a sign of respect for all things. If you can be humble, you can also be respected.


In terms of peers and students, someone who is humble may not always receive the most praise but they deserve it. I have met, toured, performed, trained, and been in classes with many people who were modest and many who were not. I would much rather hang out with the down to earth person who can juggle 5 balls and do a standing back tuck, than someone who is full of themselves who can juggle ten and do a standing double back tuck. Sure, circus is about art, and it’s competitive, and you want to show that you are good to those around you, but you also have to remember, you’re going to have to collaborate and work in a team. In any show, you’re going to have to get along with people and not be cocky. If you don’t humble yourself, life will do it for you and it will sting a lot more when life does it.


Humble people are the best people to hang out with in my opinion because they restore my faith in society! I know it can be so hard to be humble, because as acrobats and aerialists, we are all literally attempting to defy gravity! You can always improve in every way because there is no such thing as perfect. I am going to start checking in with myself more often about my humbleness and I encourage every circus artist to do the same. We all have to




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