Guest Article: Why Circus?

Ella in a lion’s costume performing at a circus-themed birthday party! (Photo by Casey Jacques)

Hi! I’m Ella! I’m 12 years old and I love exploring new places, eating peanut butter on ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, and bending myself in half up on top of the stage or whenever I feel the urge to just move around! When I tell people that I am a part of Circus Maine, many ask how I got into the circus or why I am so passionate about standing on my hands or placing my body in unnatural positions! So, I am going to tell you!

I went to a week-long circus summer camp 3 ½ years ago, and at the end of the week the coaches encouraged my mom to sign me up for classes. I thought that it could be a fun afternoon activity, so I was enrolled for classes at the beginning of the school year!

When I first started taking circus classes I didn’t know how to do anything! But I have never been one to quit, so I just kept at it, even when I thought there was no way I was going to be able to do a certain trick or stick the right position.

After a few months of doing classes, it was time for my first performance! When I was getting ready for the show with all of my friends I was really jittery, but I couldn’t wait until I got to step up on that stage!!! At the top of the show, when I first ran out onto that stage and I saw the audience’s faces light up with happiness THAT was when I realized that circus is my passion!

I love circus arts because not only can I go out onto that stage and be myself but the feeling that I get when I make someone smile is unequaled by anything else! Thank you for reading, and remember: you can do anything if you only TRY!!!

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