Hanging in There: Tips for Improving Grip Strength

photo credit: breakingmuscle.com

Stronger grip means lower likelihood for injury. Weak forearm muscles can cause repetitive motions that strain and injure your wrists, hands and arms that can branch out and lead to injuries in other parts of the body. It is important to train grip strength in a variety of ways because there are so many muscles that go into having good grip.

For as long as you can. Play around with different handholds.

No More Grip Aides!
Don’t use ‘em! Depend on grip aides like rosin only when you have to, otherwise your grip will not improve.

Squeeze a Stress Ball or Tennis Ball
As many repetitions as possible. Switch between a stress and tennis ball.

Indoor Rock-wall Climbing
Loads of fun!

Crumple a Sheet of Newspaper with One Hand
Lay out a single sheet of newspaper and place your hand on it then begin to scrunch it up using only one hand. It’s harder than it sounds.

Try Finger Push-Ups
They’re pretty tricky but try finger push ups whenever you feel comfortable and confident. Instead of placing your palms on the ground use your fingertips. Be sure to keep the good form of a normal push-up.

Do a Farmer’s Carry/Walk
All you do pick up as many heavy things as you can like weights, dumbbells, a milk jug, groceries etc and walk. When you’ve gone as far as you can shake out your hands and try again.

Hit the Monkey Bars
Head over to a local park to try whatever monkey bars are there. Go back and forth as many times as you want.

Use Grip Strengthening Devices
You can purchase such items online in different amounts of resistance.

If you want to improve your grip strength try these tips out; I hope they help!

– Cailey

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