Meet the 2017 Hup Squad!

Ashley, 13, from California, loves circus because “It is a way for me to meet new friends. I have met so many friends that I know will always be part of my life in the past two years I have been in circus. Circus is also a way for me to concentrate on something other than schoolwork. It teaches me how to be part of a big group and how to work together, and I really love that.”

Cailey, 15, from Arizona, loves circus because “It is fun! Seriously, I love finding bruises, being sore and overall feeling myself improve. I also love the feeling of getting a hard trick after working on it diligently. Watching people’s reaction and seeing the look on their face when I tell them I fly and am an aerialist, that I am going to join the circus…I enjoy that. I love dancing in the air. I AM circus. I would love to share that and anything I learn about circus with others.”

Allie, 15, from New York, loves circus “For its physical, social, creative and service opportunities. I need physical activity, and there is no better study break than a few silks inverts. I love the friends I have made in circus and the occasional friends I see at AYCO or Bindlestiff events. It’s fun to connect with other circus-kids! Also, I have found circus adults to be really caring and always willing to give me advice on routines I am designing or my life in general. Designing my own silks, lyra, and duo-acro routines has been a learning experience that allows me to express creativity in how I combine moves to the music. And finally, circus has been a great way to give back. I love to give circus to younger kids and see their faces light up when they succeed at their first challenging move!

Mazie Jane, 13, from Colorado, loves circus because “When I joined the Salida Circus, I had no background experience in circus arts. Now, I have performed aerial silks and trapeze in numerous shows and at events all around Colorado. I love the circus because it is now a part of me that I feel was missing for years. I am simply lost without it!”

Zoe, 14, from Oregon, loves circus because “It gives me wings! Performing and training circus is a place I feel very at home. I love the feeling I get from learning new tricks, and being able to peice them together in a form of beautiful art. I feel like circus has very much filled a creative and artistic hole in my life that wasn’t filled before. I also love circus because it makes me feel confident and gives me chances to make new friends and circus family. Circus is the best self help that I could ask for, and every time I go back to it I get the same feeling as the first time.”

Emily, 16, from NJ, loves circus because “There is endless potential in circus and its foundation is in teamwork. If I have an idea for a new hand balancing trick, I can work on it until I get it, and then share it — where others will adapt it. In circus, you are always surrounded by people with unique perspectives, which is conducive to creativity and fun!”

Anna, 16, from New York, loves circus because “It is fun!! I have been unicycling since I was eight and I have been juggling too and I have enjoyed every moment of it. Circus does not require a specific skill level because there are so many things that you can do therefore circus is for everyone!!

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