REVIEW: Odysseo


On Saturday February 6, I went to the white big top to see Cavalia’s Odysseo. The white big top is three stories tall, about 125 feet tall, and is the size of an NFL football field or larger than a hockey rink.  In order to make the show magical, Odysseo uses eighteen projectors.  The smaller white tents surrounding the big top house sixty five horses, forty five artists, three hundred fifty costumes and one hundred  pairs of shoes.


Odysseo by Cavalia captivated the audience by transporting them into a whole new world.  This world was filled with amazing aerialists, incredible acrobats, talented equestrian vaulters, and perfectly trained horses.  To seal the deal the audience could catch a glimpse of live music in the wings.

jumping stilt guy

When you enter the arena you are greeted immediately by the trees on the edge of the set.  The show starts with trivia about the stars of the show.  It’s amazing how long it takes to train these horses – up to six years!

The first half of the show included few aerials so the audience had a chance to appreciate the intriguing horses.  This included synchronized horse choreography and jumping.  The Roman Riding highlighted the performer’s balance and skill.  This act also introduced us to a group of fascinating acrobats that had the agility and endurance of wind-up toys!  Another thing I found fascinating was jumping stilt performers.  They did more than jump; the flipped over very high planks!  Lastly, one of the highlights of act one was the life sized merry-go-round.  It featured turning poles, Chinese poles, and the traditional merry-go-round horses.  This was the first aerial act which included amazing duo pole pieces and gravity defying solo pole performances.

merry go round

After intermission, the show continued with an impressive display of approximately twenty five horses.  This can only be described as organized chaos which must have been close to impossible to choreograph.  The intricate costuming perfectly blended the artists and the horses.  I was excited to see the hoops lowered down to introduce an incredible synchronized swinging lyra piece.  This was especially exciting for me because I train in hoop, so I was excited to see it in a performance.  This transitioned into a unique hammock and fabric display.  This included four synchronized artists doing various moves on hammock and tissu.  Odysseo’s finale was amazing!  Surprisingly, they partially filled the stage with water, brought back all of the performers from previous acts, and ended the show with a splash!


All in all, Odysseo brought the unexpected and then a little bit more!


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