REVIEW: Cirque Mechanics

I first saw Cirque Mechanics several years ago at a county fair. I was extremely impressed by their interesting design and diverse acts. I was thrilled to find out that Cirque Mechanics was bringing their first formal show, Pedal Punk, on tour to a theater in my home town. It was one of the most innovative and unique shows I have ever seen. The whole show takes place on this stage sized contraption called a gantry bike. The gantry bike consists of a scaffolding, wheels, poles, and pedals. The riggings for the whole show, including aerial apparatuses and trampoline riggings are attached to the gantry bike. By pedaling on different pedals the performers are able to raise and lower the aerial apparatuses and turn the whole gantry bike in a majestic circle.


Pedal Punk logo & Performers pose on the gantry bike. (

The show was perfect. The theme was steampunk, and after doing a little research I found out that the company was largely inspired by stories of American ingenuity. I loved the fun 1800s feel. The show started out with a whole cast acro piece. Right away you could tell that all of the performers had some serious strength and flexibility.The show is very well thought out to be unique, relatable, and funny. It features such original ideas such as a lyra act done on a giant tire and and a miniature unicycle act. The show also featured other acts such as cyr wheel, hooping, BMX bike, and contortion.

I felt that the performers connected very well to the audience. They used a lot of expressions and humor. At one point one cast member even went out into the audience and climbed right over my seat!  The show was good enough to be a well known professional company, but they still had a sort of comfy, local feel. I predict that Cirque Mechanics is at the beginning of a long and successful movement in circus. They are still taking off, but I think that in a few years they will be a very well known and respected name in circus.
~Juniper 🌟

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