REVIEW: Circo Hermanos Vazquez


As a young circus artist, I try to keep with the times and see as many circuses as I can. So, one can imagine how thrilled I was when Circo Hermanos Vazquez came to Dallas for its third year in a row. I had seen the show twice before with different performers and they always managed to hire solid acts; however, this year each act was top notch.

The show opener, The Bingo Troup, was easily the best opening to a show I have ever seen. They performed a Charivari where each performer had the technical skill of a solo act. There were two men on free standing ladder, a woman on aerial silks, a hand balancer and woman with boleros. Juggling clubs were flying, acrobatic stunts everywhere and it was over too quick, leaving you feeling almost dissatisfied as you could not possibly look at everything at once. The group also performed a hula hoop act and duo trapeze later in the show.


Of the acts performed, Team Keryazov, two young boys, delighted with an acrobatic hip hop routine. Duo Garcia had you on the edge of your seat as they flew around the ring on a giant rocket ship; and Vincent Von Duke made you just a little too nervous with his big cat act. The clowns, delighted as well and although I speak no Spanish the Spanish speaking audience seemed to be entertained.

There were three truly spectacular acts that I had previously seen/ heard of before. Helena Polach, who I had previously seen in Cirque d’Hiver in Paris during their 2013-2014 season, amazed with her soccer ball juggling act. Juggling has always been male dominated, so to see someone as beautiful and talented as Polach perform internationally at all the best circuses is inspiring.


Luciano Anastasini, a veteran of Big Apple Circus and the Lone Star Circus, brought both joy and laughter with his dog act. Luciano has an automatically likeable character on stage and his dog act is one of the best out there.


The headliner of the show was Encho Keryazov. He has appeared in Circus Roncalli, Circus Knie and won the Audience Award and the “Silver Clown” at the International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo in 2007. Easily one of the best handbalancers in the world, he performs the most astounding trick of do a handstand on ten blocks on the top of his canes and throwing them outward to catch the canes.


Overall, this particular production of Circo Vazquez was spectacular!


– Jesse

(All photos are courtesy of Circo Hermanos Vazques at

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