REVIEW: Kurios


Over Labor Day weekend I went to see Cirque Du Soleil’s Kurios in Chicago. It was my first time seeing Cirque Du Soleil and I got my mind blown. Everyone says Cirque has the ability to take away reality. I was skeptical of this but it ended up being so true. Kurios was a bit different than most Cirque shows. While all the previous shows have been nature inspired, Kurios is all about machines and telecommunications. It has a steampunk feel and turns the entire stage into a giant machine. The music is a jazzy electroswing remix. The performance is meant to show a mad inventor’s imagination, his “kurios”.

My favorite act was a suspended bicycle act. The aerialist begins biking on the ground, but her bicycle quickly lifts into the air. She then performs a series of trapeze-like moves on her floating bicycle. I was also amazed by the acro net act. Performers in elaborate fish costumes launched themselves thirty feet in the air off an acro next, grabbing on to an aerial apparatus, doing a few shapes, and dropping back to the net, flipping as they fell.


The costumes and makeup were the most elaborate I had ever seen. It was a wonderful show, which critics are calling “ the best Cirque show yet”. My only disappointment was the small cast size. I would have liked to see one of Cirque’s larger shows for my first time.

But overall, Kurios is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. My life has never been changed so dramatically by a two hour show. Cirque Du Soleil has reminded me that dreams can become real and the rules of reality can be bent. If you have never seen Cirque Du Soleil you need to get to one of their show ASAP.
Good luck on your own circus adventures!

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