The Hup Squad’s Favorite Tricks

Introducing the 2015 Hup Squad! These 7 teens come from all over the USA. They LOVE doing circus, and are looking forward to sharing their enthusiasm with you! To introduce themselves, they’re sharing photos of their favorite circus skill of the moment. (If you’d like to share yours too, email a photo of yourself doing your skill and a caption for the photo to


Alice: This is a picture from the Sailor Circus Academy Spring Production which ended a few weeks ago. This was my first year working with high-wire and it is without a doubt my new passion. In the picture, I was leading the classic 3 person pyramid with two of my wonderful teammates, Catherine Mitchell and Jacob Taylor. The photo is courtesy of James Cole.



Larkin: This is a picture of me doing a ‘straddle in the ropes’ on trapeze. I discovered and named this skill on my own.



Lola: My favorite circus skill is called a classic contortion handstand, but the simplest straight leg variation is my favorite and most consistent contortion skill. Go contortion!!!



Marzi: This photo is of me on the flying trapeze in late March, when I took my swing out of lines–ie, no safety harness–on my 16th birthday. Flying out of lines has been my dream for almost 5 years (technically more–I’ve been obsessed with flying trapeze since I was 7 or 8 but started training when I was 11) and I can’t believe it actually happened. It’s the most amazing feeling ever to be flying without a harness and I can’t wait to improve my skills so I can take more things out of lines!



Matthew: This photo was taken when I performed in the Coney Island Talent Show in Coney Island, NYC. I performed my ‘signature, award-winning’ juggling routine to hundreds of tourists and locals.



Jesse: Two hoops on each hand! Photo taken at Lone Star Circus production “Oh La La” by Julio Furlan.


Juniper: stiltwalking at STRUT!, an event in Madison WI.

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