Hup Squad: Call for New Members

The AYCO Hup Squad is a group of circus-crazy youth who want to share their enthusiasm for all things circus. YOU are invited to apply!

Hup Squad members are chosen to be on this national youth action team because they are young leaders with a strong commitment to and involvement with circus in their own communities and beyond. We are looking for circus youth with oodles of creativity AND dependability to apply for the Hup Squad. Being on the squad means you have the prestige of being a national youth circus leader, and a built in community to support your developing leadership!

The Hup Squad designs and creates content such as articles, reviews, and interviews for the circusismylife AYCO blog, chooses Swag Box items for youth members, advises on the AYCO social media presence and more. Hup Squad members receive special Hup Squad Swag, access to interview professional artists, and opportunities to see and review performances and events.

Requirements: Squad members must be members of AYCO (or join us when accepted) and are expected to devote 5 hours per month to the squad for one year. Members are expected to check their email at least one time per week for squad updates. We are especially interested in youth ages 13 -18, but if you think you’ve got what it takes, then go for it! Youth under 18 must fill out the application with their parent/guardian, and both youth and their parent/guardian will be contacted regarding all HupSquad matters.
Interested? Fill out the application form here before Sunday, April 26th!

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