INTERVIEW: Rob Torres, Big Apple Clown


Hup Squad member Matthew got a chance to interview Rob Torres from Big Apple’s Luminocity backstage after the show! Listen to find out about how Torres got started with his clowning career and what it’s like to travel and perform internationally as a clown.


An excerpt from this enlightening conversation between two clowns:

Matthew: As a performer, do different audiences find different things funny? Do you find yourself changing things, around the world?

Rob: I don’t change a lot of things. I change my mannerisms, because people speak differently with their bodies, around the world. I just play. I try to keep it simple enough. I have to change the timing sometimes. And certain jokes don’t work in certain countries, they’re too gross, too dirty.

Matthew: What is something that would be too gross?

Rob: Like, picking my nose. Some countries, that’s just not really a good joke, or a good humor. Some places think it’s the funniest thing in the world.

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