INTERVIEW: Cirque Eloize

On March 14, 2014, Katie and Anna from the Hup Squad interviewed Samuel Charlton and Reuben Hosler from Cirque Eloizeʼs Cirkopolis. Here’s some of what they found out about life on the road performing circus professionally!

First, they learned a bit about the two performer’s backgrounds. Sam was always interested in sports and was athletic, among the many activities he did are judo and rugby. Also, he was home schooled for many years. Then, at age 17, he began doing circus and has been to circus schools in England and France. Reuben was also home schooled as a child and participated in gymnastics. Through a circus school near his home, he started to train in circus. Reuben has also been to circus schools in England and France. Sam and Reuben have been doing hand to hand together for many years and attended professional circus school together. They have been a part of Cirque Eloize for two years.

Then, Katie and Anna got to ask about the things they really wanted to know!

What is your favorite part about performing?
Reuben: Training with friends, trying new things, and having fun.
Sam: The adrenaline of being in front of an audience and doing more dangerous things.

Do you ever get nervous before a show?
We can get nervous about certain moves sometimes but itʼs more excitement than nerves…

What was the process like for making this show, Cirkopolis?
A director and a creative team and a choreographer think of the theme for the show and the story. Then, they begin putting it all together and call in performers. Performers worked for 10 weeks full time to put the show together, sometimes working for 80 hours a week.

Do you have any advice for aspiring circus performers?
Find a good coach and train a lot. You have to love it because it isnʼt easy and you have to make it worth it. You have to be really dedicated and motivated because you lose a lot, but you also gain a lot.

What kind of things do you lose and gain?
Lose: Family, home, stability, and consistency because of constant traveling. Also, itʼs hard on the body.
Gain: Self-worth, confidence, motivation. Also, the people are great and traveling is fun and different. It is hardly ever boring!

Overall do you like being on tour, considering everything you gain and lose?
Yes. Usually tour is anywhere between 3-5 weeks at a time, then a short break. The longest we have been on tour without going home is two months!

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