Welcome to the Hup Squad blog. We are a group of circus teens who learn, perform, watch, and think about circus. We eat, breathe, and dream circus. We are members of the American Youth Organization and we want to get other circus kids like us connected and involved in the growing national and international circus community. We love circus!
We are from the East Coast and the West Coast, we just started doing circus or have been training since we were small. We do handbalancing, fabric, lyra, juggling, contortion, acrobatics, or everything we can. We do circus at a circus school, with a local organization, or on our own.
This blog is where we will share with you our thoughts and experiences about circus and AYCO. We will post interviews with circus professionals, reviews of shows, history articles, thoughts about training and performing and buying circus gear. If there’s something you’d like to see here, don’t hesitate to let us know!
Ready, HUP!
Ruth, Amanda, Matthew, Maria, Emma, Hazel,  Doug, Katie, Anna, Althea and Gina

One comment

  1. Hey Hup Squad!

    So great to hear from you and congrats on the inaugural blog!

    I’m not sure if anyone would be interested in writing about this (or reading it), but one thing that interests me a lot is hearing people’s story of their first encounter with circus, what I call the “point of ignition.” You know, like, there was a time in your life when you were NOT doing circus, and then there was a time when you WERE, and right… THERE, that moment, the cusp where Not doing circus and Doing circus touch … that’s really interesting to me. Curious to hear where people first heard about circus and what inspired them to cross the line and join the circus community, and what kind of pre-circus person were they compared with any ways they might have changed after circus came into their (your) lives.

    Thanks, and all the best in your blogging!

    ~ Jackie

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